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Playing Card Manufacturer In India

We at are dedicated to offer world class playing cards at rates that would make your jaw drop.
Cheap Playing cards are always a difficult procurement process.

Playing cards had in the past always served two distinct purposes: gambling, and the playing of games of skill, but in the recent past there has been a third dimension added to it.

It's an exceptional tool for leaving an impact of great importance in the brand building process.

Cheap Price does not always mean cheap quality.

Have you ever wondered how your playing card wholesaler ever managed to get the great prices he did. In the not so recent past we used a whole network of playing card suppliers to ensure that the cheapest form of entertainment was accessible worldwide. With little success in our forays we decided to come out in the open and offer you playing cards directly from us the manufacturers of playing cards.

A deck of cards half the cost of just one single know brand of cigarettes. Thatís what we at offer to the world.

Promotional playing cards go way back into the history of the known greats as Coca Cola and other companies that have left a landmark in the history of promotional playing cards. Customized Playing Cards is the only medium of advertising that showcases your products in totality in as low as 12 cents a deck inclusive of shipping *(conditions apply)

Let serve you!
Playing Card suppliers and dealers who require the cheapest deal to the playing cards, promoters of large size businesses who need an ideal economical and budgeted promotional product to spread their brand name all over.

Bulk manufacturing is the key to manufacturing cheapest playing cards. Years of experience in the playing card manufacturing field have allowed us to produce playing cards at rates that are unbelievable.

We have an output capacity of 150000 decks per day and we accept orders for not less than a 20' container i.e. 234000 decks. Given a chance to work with your esteemed organization will be your trusted suppliers throughout. We would be interested in companies to make up long time business relations.

Playing cards can be manufactured for as low as U.S. 12 cents per deck. To know more about our products CLICK HERE. We give you the perfect deal at the cheapest price.

Our Mission
Our mission at the PLAYINGCARDS.CO.IN is to satisfy the customers' requirements. We have the skills to manufacture the cheapest playing cards in the world today; we would like to satisfy you with our skills. We shall give the right quality to the right price. We prove to be the ULTIMATE PLAYING CARD site for all your requirements.

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