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Playing Cards Manufacturer

We at are dedicated to offer world class playing cards at rates that would make your jaw drop.

A deck of cards half the cost of just one single known brand of cigarettes.
That's what we at offer to the world.

Cheap playing cards are always a difficult procurement process.

Cheap Playing card price does not always mean cheap playing cards quality.

Playing Cards Manufacturer in India

We have an output capacity of 150000 Playing card decks per day. Playing cards can be manufactured for as low as U.S. 12 cents per deck.

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History of Playing Cards

Did you know that at one time, the king of hearts represented Charlemagne, the king of Diamonds was Julius Caesar, the king of clubs was Alexander the Great and the king of spades was King David from the Bible? These fascinating identities, along with special designations for the other court cards, were bestowed by the French who were instrumental in bringing the pleasures of card play to people in Europe and the New World.

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Kishore Gordhandas - Collector of Cards

One of the few Indian members of the International Playing Card Society, London. He is a collector of cards, and that collection has gotten him into the Limca Book Of Records. He is the proud owner of a vast collection of unique and the most uncommonly seen playing cards, with cards that come in all shapes (from oval to triangular), and sizes (upto one foot long)

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Playing Card Collections
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Need Custom Playing Cards?
Playing cards can be made as per your specifications, Your personal logo, or art work provided by your company, will be incorporated in your deck. This will promote your products and services to your target audience as well as acts as a reminder to them about your existence when they play the never ending fun games.
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